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Deeper Still is a solo development project made for the Extra Credits 2020 Game Jam "Take Care".  All assets except fonts were created by me within the span of the jam.

Solve 2D block sliding puzzles, navigating around pits and ledges as you play a man who is attempting to sort out his mind. Deeper Still isn't a long experience and should only take 10-15 minutes for full completion.


Deeper Still.zip 19 MB


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I really like the combination of music, art and the font too, it really works well together to set an eerie, calming mood. You've gone one step further though and managed to link the game mechanics to actual meaning, which is really cool.

I'm going to interpret this as the player is a box and the 'Red' person is a hole? So, your pushing boxes into holes the entire game and the last hole to fill is you? (That's my guess).